April 12, 2016 – Sapphire Bar

Important Note: This week’s game is on Tuesday, not Monday.

Game Start: 7:00 PM

Sapphire Bar – 17 Macdonell Street – Guelph, ON

The 25 question main game will come in 5 sets of 5 questions. The game also includes one “The Identity Crisis” question.

Featured Categories:
1: Knitting Terms & Stitches
2: Initially Yours: Works of Literature

Entry fee: $5/person
Maximum team size: 4
1st: 40% of all cover monies collected
2nd: Category selection next week
More Prizes TBA

Final Scores:

Team Name1-56-10H111-1516-20H2IC21-25Total
Los Lobo5526425534
The PJs4543.53.51.535.530
Ian & The Invisible Friends540222.5419.5

Next Week’s Selected Categories:
Elton John Songs
Sex and the City