For Players

What is ATQ Productions?

ATQ Productions is a Guelph-based company that hosts bar trivia/pub quizzes. Our games consist of over 80 multimedia questions in about two hours!

Why this and not some other trivia night?

Many “trivia nights” consist of a bunch of people staring at TVs terminal in hand. This isn’t like that. With an ATQ Productions show, the host and players will get to know each other and build a rapport. Friendly banter back and forth is plenty normal!

Where can I find you?

Check out our Upcoming Shows!

How much does it cost?

Currently, free! However, food and beverage purchases are expected. If you just drink water, it makes it very difficult for us to continue offering the show at your favourite location!

Do I need to sign up beforehand?

Nope! Just show up! Team size is limited to seven though; if you have more, don’t be surprised if the Host asks you to either split up into two groups or take a point penalty!

What are the prizes?

It’s up to the host bar; usually bar gift certificates, prizes from sponsors, and grab bags full of fun stuff are awarded!

What’s the format?

The ATQ All-Music Quiz

Rounds 1 and 4 – Name that tune; Round 4 is double points. 20 songs; identify the song title and the artist!
Round 2 – Other Stuff – reversed songs, high pitch, who’s singing, song lyric reading, what country, what’s the next line, and more!
Halftime – a visual or written handout
Round 3 – Years Round. 15 songs, answer with song’s year of release. The closer you are, the more points you get!
Final Round – one final question where you can bet all of your points!

The ATQ Pub Quiz & The ATQ Theme Quiz

Rounds 1 and 4 – 20 general knowledge questions in different categories. Round 4 is double points
Handouts – written handout of 10-20 questions between Round 1 and 2, 10 visual questions between round 2 and 3.
Round 2 – 10 theme or audio questions
Round 3 – The Identity Crisis. 5 clues pointing to the same person, place, or thing. A chance to answer after each clue. Each clue makes the question easier. Two guesses allowed, more points the sooner you get it (and the fewer guesses you take)
Final Round – one or two wagering questions!