Guelph Trivia League

Announcing…the Guelph Trivia League!

Win cash! Call your team the best in Guelph!

Finals: March 28, 2016, 7:00 PM, Sapphire Bar

As of January 14, 2016:
8 places in the finals have been awarded.

How to qualify:
3 ways:
1) With your team, finish first at any public ATQ Productions or partnering trivia show in Guelph
2) Reach the finals at a “Q & Eh?” show in Guelph
3) Wild card entry: If a location holds 6 or more qualifying shows, it will be given 1 entry for a wild card team. This would be the best team at that location whose members have not already qualified for the finals.

Spots in the finals are not transferrable. A direct buy-in to the finals ($5 / person) is also available if you wish to enter directly or bolster your roster with someone who has not otherwise qualified.

Qualifying shows to date:
January 11, 2016, Sapphire Bar
January 14, 2016, Q & Eh at ANAF 344
January 18, 2016, Sapphire Bar

Upcoming qualifying shows:
January 25, 2016, Sapphire Bar