For Bar Owners

FAQ about ATQ Productions for Bar Owners

Why trivia?

It’s a fun way to get customers into your bar on nights that would otherwise be quieter periods! It also brings in people who would otherwise not think of coming to your bar!

Why ATQ?

  • Locally written, locally researched! I’m in tune to what is going on right now, and write accordingly! No more obscure questions about people whose 15 minutes of fame expired 15 years ago! I have years of experience writing and hosting trivia!
  • Fresh content! You can be sure that the same bar down the block won’t have been given the same question package three months ago! Trivia players tend to have excellent memories!
  • With a sound system and video system to tap into, it’s very easy for us to put visual questions on television screens, or have audio rounds!
  • We’re adaptable! If your crowd finds my games too easy or too hard, it’s easy for me to adjust the difficulty to suit your crowd!
  • Many other trivia shows are written by people for whom it’s a part-time job (and it shows). Trivia is our full-time job.
  • The show can run stand-alone, or can be very easily fit into a league structure! Many of the current shows run leagues already!

What do we offer?

  • The ATQ Pub Quiz (science, history, literature, geography, art, sports, entertainment, etc.! A little bit of everything!)
  • The ATQ Theme Quiz (Past themes have ranged from hockey, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, and board games!)
  • The ATQ All-Music Quiz (all music!)
  • Ping! Pong! Quiz! Quoz! (NEW! Rounds of trivia interspersed with rounds of ping-pong!)
  • Q & Eh? (A combination of trivia and improv comedy like nothing before!)
  • Each show lasts, on average, just under 2 hours.

What does a host bar need to provide?

  • Prizes! Based on my experience, gift certificates redeemable on future nights tend to work well (and bring people back!). Also, items from sponsors, or $5-$6 grab bags of various candies and other toys works well for minor prizes (especially a “best team name” prize).
  • A sound system and video system to tap into makes it significantly easier for me to provide the full experience.
  • Other than that, it does make it easier to build a crowd if you talk up the show amongst your bar’s regulars, and keep the food and drink flowing on trivia night!

Generating Sales

  • Based on my experience, if reasonable offerings at reasonable prices are provided, purchases will be made, and everyone will be happy!
  • If that is less successful, ways of rewarding food purchases within the game are possible (by providing small point rewards within the game itself or prizes!).

How do I build a crowd?

  • It usually takes between one and six months to build a crowd. There have been shows which filled bars on opening night; others have taken a few months to build. While I do have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, that can only go so far. Word of mouth is by far the most effective tool for marketing trivia, and that does take time.

How much does it cost?

  • Our rate is negotiable, based on the size of the establishment and various other factors (such as the length of any initial agreement, or even having multiple shows in a week in a bar.)

Okay, I’m interested. Now what?