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#guelphmusicclub – My Favourite Video Game Music

Video and computer games have been a large part of my life for a very long time. We had an NES in the house growing up, and I killed a great deal of time playing it! Of course, if I wanted to be boring, I’d just select the Mario and Zelda themes and be done with it. Koji Kondo was the genre’s first master and is still held in very high regard! In fact, I spent years with the recorder sound from the Legend of Zelda as my text message ringtone!

However, I’m going to pick the following 2:

#1: The main theme music to RBI Baseball (with no runners on base) – I’m a baseball fan, and while it is a simple tune, it still has a meaning of “baseball” to me — I’d like to see a baseball team or two add more video game music to their in-game offerings!

[iframe src=”//” height=”315″ width=”420″]

#2: The “Rainbow Road” theme in Mario Kart 64, to me, perfectly evokes the “end of a long journey, but happy to get there” motif that you’d be feeling once you reached that course in the game! Mario Kart 64 was the first work for Kenta Nagata at Nintendo, and it was an excellent first effort.

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